Anthony J Milan

Audio/Video Producer and musician


Hello, my name is Anthony J Milan. I am a musician and audio/video producer with a background in vocal performance. My main goal is to connect with others through the creation of art and entertainment. I have always believed in the power of creativity to positively impact people, helping us understand ourselves and each other better. With my work, I strive to add my little bit of light to the world.I graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelor's degree in Music in 2017, but I've been pursuing the creative arts since I was child. Since graduating, I have gained valuable experience producing music for both myself and other artists.As an artist and content creator, I have released two EPs and a single on various music streaming platforms. I have also established a presence on YouTube and Tiktok to explore creativity through shorter-form works. Most recently, I launched the first episode of "Anthony's Armchair Adventures" on my YouTube channel and am currently working on my first full-length album.In addition to my personal work, I also work as a freelancer and collaborator with other creatives and up-and-coming artists. I have worked to hone a wide range of skills in the creative audio and video space so that I can be a one-stop shop for your needs, whatever they may be. I offer a variety of services, including audio/video production, content creation, session work, voiceover, and private lessons. You can find more details about my services in the Services section.Whether you're interested in finding out more about my music or you're want to hire me for one of my professional services, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always delighted to share my passion for creativity and collaborate with other people.
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Session Musician

  • Lead Vocals

  • Background Vocals

  • Rhythm Ukulele

Audio Production

  • Backing Track

  • Editing/Comping/Tuning Vocals

  • Demo Mixing

Video Production

  • Editing

  • Green Screen

  • Color Grading


  • Custom Songs

  • Jingles and Sonic Logos

  • Themes and Intros

  • Background Music

  • String, Brass, and Woodwind Arrangements


  • Audio Editing

  • Scriptwriting

  • Voice-over

Private Lessons

  • Music Theory

  • Songwriting/Composition

  • Singing

  • Ukulele

  • Beatboxing/Vocal Percussion


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